Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort ★★★★½

That was a nice surprise! Southern Comfort felt like Deliverance X First Blood, but not quite as First Blood as First Blood. Maybe Deliverance X Second Blood. Anyway, I got the Deliverance times Insert Other Movie part of the review out of the way.

A common complaint seems to be that the characters are archetypes, as opposed to fleshed out characters. Considering that the bayou is such an outsized character unto itself, and the film seems to be making a statement about masculinity in general, I don’t see it as a big issue. Anyway, I got the setting is a character part of the review out of the way.

Ry Cooder’s score is amazing. On first listen, it sounds just as good as his Paris, Texas score. It’s interesting how this cast has such a deep bench of 80s male character actors. They were all very good, but it also might have given more room for the setting and score to stand out. Other than a couple moments, it never felt like one character was taking up most or all of the space in the film. Anyway, I got the unsung character actors rule part of the review out of the way.

A really entertaining, pleasant surprise of a film!

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