Halloween ★★★★★

The opening sequence is perfect.
The score is awesome (though I kinda wish Carpenter didn't throw a sting on the soundtrack every single time Michael Myers enters the frame).
The killer is iconic, the creepiest of the horror movie slashers. (Suck it, Freddy.)
The use of shadow and darkness, the way Michael lurks in the background or slowly emerges from the darkness, is chilling.
The cinematography is stellar.
Jamie Lee Curtis is excellent.
Thanks to Hooptober for getting me to reevaluate this amazing piece of cinema two years ago. It has gone from a movie I felt largely ambivalent toward to becoming one of my favorites. One of the most suspenseful movies ever made.

And with this, I have officially finished Hooptober! It's the first time I've finished! I usually stall out around 27 films or so (between having three kids, working full time, and just generally getting burned out on horror by the time the month ends) but this time I did it! 34 horror movies! And it was one of the best months of movies I've ever experienced.

I still have 3 Hammer horror movies on my DVR, so reviews for those might still come rolling in. But otherwise, onto binge-watching Season 2 of "Stranger Things"!

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