Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future ★★★★

New bed and chair dropped.

The score fucks (or should I say, is a surgeon?) It’s almost fate that after a twenty or so year hiatus from owning the sci-fi horror subgenre Cronenberg comes back with this meditative meta commentary about chaotically evolving organic matter fighting to stay relevant in a synthetically dominant environment. Pleasure in a postmodern world, man versus machine, and the awaiting stages of metamorphosis are themes already prevalent in the director’s previous works; however, the cold and understated dystopia he builds here is so compelling that this freely stands as its own intriguing foresight. I love the peculiar optimism towards what usually feels like an apprehensive nightmare. Kristen Stewart as the fangirling nerdy technician was the cherry on top. Much like Cronenberg is in love with directing and audiovisual expression, the main characters are also fascinated by their “performance art” and record it using wearable technology. Body is reality; surgery is the new sex.

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