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  • Evolution of a Filipino Family


  • This Magnificent Cake!


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  • Dune: Part Two

    Dune: Part Two


    In nearly all cases, referring to a film as “the best possible version of the story that we could’ve gotten” is a compliment that goes down with an unavoidably backhanded aftertaste; phrased another way, it arguably boils down to, “At least it wasn’t worse.”

    This was much the consensus surrounding Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s intimidatingly behemoth sci-fi novel Dune, praised largely because the Quebecois filmmaker had the good sense to learn from David Lynch’s mistakes and not…

  • Exotica



    Psychoanalysis, from the layperson's perspective, can probably be broken down into two key elements composing human existence: frailty and perversion. It is these two duelling extremes that feed one another, subsequently lashing out as both the cause and the remedy for all that ails us below the surface; it's the softness of the flesh that drives us (mad) deep beneath its contours. It is therefore only the most incisively perverted filmmakers who can unleash the base mixture of allure and…

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  • Evolution of a Filipino Family

    Evolution of a Filipino Family


    Alright, let's start by getting the obvious out of the way, because you all know it's coming...

    Evolution of a Filipino Family is a Lav Diaz film. Those who know Diaz know exactly what that entails, and exactly the point I'm implying when I bring up that fact: it's long. This is, in fact, Diaz's longest film, clocking in at just about 10-and-a-half hours! In a move sure to make Boyhood look like a Tik Tok, Diaz utilizes his famous…

  • This Magnificent Cake!

    This Magnificent Cake!


    The most obvious driving force of This Magnificent Cake! is the sheer contrast between the inviting warmth of its felty animation style and the colonial horrors it's used to depict. Marc James Roels and Emma de Swaef create in a brisk 45 minute timespan a series of vignettes that run a wide gamut of artistic expression, from haunting all the way to darkly comic, oftentimes in the same breath; the simplicity of the character designs makes reading anyone's facial expressions…

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  • Monster



    Where each new perspective is more heartbreaking than the last.

    Who’s the monster?

    (Linked above is my actual review from Cannes, worth far more attention than this log.)

  • Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom

    Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom


    Let this be a lesson to all you self-proclaimed Oscar pundits out there: no matter how airtight the perceived top 5 list for International Feature may be, always expect whichever committee votes on these nominees to throw in at least one curveball to fuck with everybody! This year, I learned that lesson the hard way when perhaps the easiest slam dunk category of the year was upended with the untimely demise of Asghar Farhadi's best movie in almost a decade.…