The Beastmaster

The Beastmaster ★★★★★

Cinematic comfort food from a time where loin cloths were acceptable fashion choices and making statements about talking to animals would not have you certified under the mental capacity act.

Don Coscarelli has long been a favourite director of mine, but even before I really knew what a director was, this film had left an impression.

I was 8 back in 1982/83 (yes, I’m old), the perfect age for Star Wars and the slew of sci-fi and fantasy knock offs that were to come. Films such as Flash Gordon and Battle Beyond The Stars coupled with TV shows like Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica, these all helped form this mind into seeking out stories of far off galaxies and sword wielding Barbarians from long ago. The Beastmaster was one of those, but one that stood out, that terrified and fascinated in equal measure. 

What is really surprising is, without the rose tinted nostalgic gaze, just how well this holds up. It’s the heroes quest, where warriors are righteous, villains are evil and damsels are distressed. It’s simple story telling done to near perfection, something that so many have struggled to do.

Because of this, the fact that The Beastmaster does everything to near perfection and still manages to entertain nearly 40 years later, it really is a perfect movie.

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