Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark ★★★★

This is juvenile, it's vulgar and it really hasn't aged well as we look at it with 2020 vision, but sometimes, just sometimes, that's OK, because whilst it is all of the above it is also brilliant.

Stephen Chow knows you know the punchline even before he delivers it, but he delivers it anyway... and it's still funny. He then delivers it again, sometimes even a third time, but each time with precision and intent, however, it also manages to go far beyond your expectations or will lead you one way, only to then whiplash you in another, because watching Stephen Chow is like listening to Jazz, just when you think you got the rhythm, it changes tempo and throws in a solo, but it's all the more beautiful for it.

Credit must also go to Jeffrey Lau for piecing together this puzzle of slapstic, references (of which there are plenty) and horror. Whilst it may suffer in the opening scenes, as soon as the supernatural is established, we are off to the races and it doesn't take a minute to breathe until it crosses the finish line.

It's very much of its time, but it's also very, very funny and that is the most important part.