Malignant ★★


Film #8 of "Scavenger Hunt #78" Challenge!
Task #26: Watch either a film directed by a woman or a film with a woman in the lead role.

For 1 ½ hours this is the usual jump-scare filled hocus-pocus bore as we have seen it countless times in the last two or so decades. And then the reveal (or rather prank) happens... Kudos to James Wan for pulling this off, but the execution and the overall quality of the film didn't do a whole lot for me, while it also never gets scary or thrilling. The acting is serviceable at best, the score doesn't fit, the gore effects are vicious (the jail sequence) yet mostly CG, and the ending is a mess. Some nice visuals including occasional giallo vibes can't save MALIGNANT from being a huge disappointment.

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