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  • The Fire Within
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  • The Fire Within

    The Fire Within


    The gradual reveal of his past, of glory days gone by is sublime. Each character he meets recalls his lively past self. Sometimes they don’t even put their thoughts into words. Their looks to each other tell the same story. Alain’s face lights up, he smiles and he laughs but he isn’t happy. In the end the small moments of joy he experiences on his last day are not enough. 

    The journey of a deeply unhappy man through Paris moved me more than I ever thought it could.

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    I can't believe people gassed this piece of shit up. Lazy with absolutely nothing new in terms of Nazi satire. All those super ironic and on the nose Nazi jokes are some of the most braindead form of comedy I have had the displeasure of seeing. Make it an original language dub, make it an American version but please don't make it an English movie with exaggerated German accents. I can't believe this kind of stuff passes as good satire comedy in a time where antisemitism is on the rise.