Tokyo Family

Tokyo Family ★★★½

Grandparents decide to spend some time staying with and visiting their children who all live around Tokyo. As much as they appreciate the visit, they're all quite busy with work and their own families to really accommodate their parents.

So the first act was feeling like Kore-eda's Still Walking with everyone bunched together, but it does take it outside and we see quite a few takes of the pair getting around Tokyo.

It plays on the drifting relationships that families can have after they marry and are set in their own lives. I was tired of following the old couple around, but once Yū Aoi shows up (around halfway), it picks up and eventually leads to a twist that propels the third act.

The direction it finally took saved it for me, as everything that came before seemed very ordinary. But I guess that's what they were going for; the busy lives of typical Tokyo families who would prefer if their parents were tucked away out of arms reach.

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My 2400th Letterboxd entry. I remember really wanting to get those numbers up when I first joined, but after months of constant watching I realized it doesn't matter. Just because someone's seen more films, doesn't mean they enjoy movies more than other fans.

Unfortunately this platform rewards those with higher numbers, so we end up with a bunch of kids following hundreds or thousands of strangers just to get that serotonin high when a bunch of people they don't even know hit LIKE on their 'reviews'.

Honestly I'd prefer to just watch my favourite films over and over again, as I know I'll enjoy spending time with them. So I'm in no rush to reach 2500 as I'm just gonna enjoy watching what I really want to watch.

What I enjoy most about this platform is engaging in all the conversations I've had between perfect strangers. Even if the discussion starts off film related, it can go any which way.

So thanks to those who always get back to me! Hearing from you all helps keep this shit real and I appreciate all of your stories from different pockets of this weird world of ours.

Who needs LIKES when we can have actual convos instead?

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