Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★½

life is what it is ✅

had it's funny moments and all quirked up to the max with the sausage hands, everything bagel, and sentient rocks. i think if we can all agree this is a general entertainment film and not of any real depth i agree it's pretty good at that. i'm just sincerely tired of pushing the tiger mom troupe without any real takes and the 2nd gen daughter with mommy issues. i guess its also hard for me to rationalise something that actively tries to detach itself from reality. joy's manifestation of "evil" was not very well built out. i get the feeling they were like oh you get the poc daughter pushed to the edge troupe so we dont need to elaborate for you to understand. but the problem is that it is central to the entire tension and when it's not properly address the whole problem feels weak. why did joy's gf had to be white? 🥲 where is the asian lesbian couple representation alice wu paved 20 years ago? not saying boohoo your mommy doesn't truly accept you as a lesbian to tell your granddaddy as a valid villain backstory but is it bad that i think it's not enough to make sense of how "evil" joy is?

if this was just 90 minutes of racoontouille, it would've been 10x better. and might have something more of worth to say about the immigrant experience. 

not to complain but i don't think it's a great thing if your live-action "superhero" movie has a predictable ending i saw coming before stepping foot into the cinema. wholesome ig 🤷‍♀️ sorry but i don't get the hype. personally, evelyn's character is so infuriating to watch though that is not part of the reason to why i don't think the film is objectively bad though

i think sometimes we can stop it with the agenda and just make silly things without something pseudo-deep in mind and end up making something that's actually better than "meaningful" bs

okay after my long ramble im just continuously disappointed by asian diaspora films. like it's continuously mid. maybe we should just stop it with the immigrant struggle stories and generational trauma troupes and focus on something fresh and interesting for once and it would just happen to be made by asian americans, featuring asian americans

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