Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★½

I knew i had very high expectations for this, that’s probably why i’m disappointed right now.

Look, as a MCU and a Wanda fan, i really enjoyed these two hours. Scarlet Witch is EPIC to simply put it. Jaw on the floor. I’ve finally ascended. I was internally screaming “slaaayyy” whenever she killed someone, i’m down THAT bad. My wife can do no wrong and i’ll always defend her! 

However, this one also kinda sucked as a movie. Like… it seemed as if so much and nothing happened at the same time. Something huge felt missing. I don’t know how to put it right but it felt so.. empty. And rushed. There wasn’t much of “multiverse-traveling” and “madness” as i hoped either. I feel like it started off strong but second half was just. Poorly written. And a little cringe towards the ending.

I was still hyped to see some of my fave characters from other marvel universes coming back!! And then Scarlet Witch brutally clearing them! It was satisfying.

Though i have to say it’s so obvious now that Marvel has been relying on its fanbase a lot lately. If i weren’t a fan of Marvel and hadn’t watched the previous marvel movies/tv shows nor read the comics, i probably would’ve gotten so bored watching this. These new mcu movies are all about fanservice now…

What i mean is; yes, it kinda sucked. Still enyojed it though. I’ll blame it on my fascination with both Scarlet Witch AND the idea of multiverses.

I don’t know what exactly happened in there but can’t wait for Wanda’s return!

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