The Shrine

The Shrine ★★★★

Good god. This is how you make movies. Savage, quick and scary, with amazing gore and twists that completely blindsided me. The acting is a bit rough, but the filmmaking is astounding enough that it more than makes up for it. And almost completely without exposition.

I mean that. The protagonists are American, but the film takes place in rural Poland, and none of the Polish dialogue is subtitled (which is at least 50% of the dialogue in the film. In fact, the movie's second half is almost entirely in Polish). This includes all of the explanation as to what the various horrific elements are and why's everything happening. It's the information you'd think would be absolutely essential, but the film gets by without it (there is one line of explanation at the end, but it's very brief and rather unnecessary). It's a fascinating example of visual storytelling. Check it out.