Human Traffic ★★★★½

Dreamlike, insane and more than a little surreal, this flick plays out like a postmodern TRAINSPOTTING on acid and manages to live up to the expectation that description brings. Doesn't really start, doesn't really end. It just is. Normally I hate it when a movie does that, but most movies that do that aren't imbued with this much energy and manic fun. Besides TRAINSPOTTING, it also recalls GO, (500) DAYS OF SUMMER and the (I believe) still unreleased ECSTASY. And really if that list of recommendations doesn't clinch it, this is not the movie for you.

Is it a little too manic for it's own good? Yes. The insanity and the energy run over and the film becomes a little too overstuffed and loose and is kind of a mess. But it's such a wonderful mess, and better a film take risks it can't afford than play it safe.

Also John Simm and Danny Dyer at their best. That should be enough.

I think I need to go watch this again.