Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby ★★★★½

“feminism isn’t exactly what i call a career.”

the way i always tell ppl i’m a film major bc it’s more acceptable than revealing i’m actually a gender studies major and only a film minor 🤠 ^this is it. (also the way she chose it bc she couldn’t choose between film, politics, law, art, etc. is that me 🤠............)

i luvvvvv my fav internet hot girl rachel sennott and she was good as fuck here and emma seligman’s screenplay was INCREDIBLE AS HELL and so was her direction and this film was just a wholeass anxiety attack while being funny as fuck and i LOVED every second. i’ve also missed dianna agron so much and she was so fucking hotttttt here PLEASE. 

but i hate how my main takeaway from this film is that i want a (jewish 🤪) sugar daddy. i used to get hella coin when i was a catfish sugar baby back in 2016 and i MISS IT. recently i’ve been wanting a sugar daddy so badly but i can’t bc seeking arrangement keeps fucking me over thinking i’m catfishing as myself LMFAO. but god i want a sugar daddy, i live for this drama god DAMN IT. @ seeking arrangement give me my account back PLZZZ and THANK UUUUUUUUUUUUU. 

“i don’t reply to replies, that’s psychotic”

ps: not to sound like a #girlboss but the way she picked up the broken glass before slumping down to the floor and crying in front of everyone in the middle of the party while her mom tried to comfort her despite not knowing what the problem was is my biggest mood ever. in fact, actual versions of that exact situation has actually happened to me, too many times to count 🤠

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