Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

“you dreamt of me?”
”no. i thought of you.”

AFI FEST — FILM #1****


not a single man in sight, just women living in the moment 😌☝️

near perfect film. ravishing. beautiful in all its simplicity. and i’m not only talking abt the women. but can we talk abt them????? bc they are the most beautiful ppl alive and i can’t believe i just spent 121 minutes getting to do nothing but DRINK in their exquisite faces. what the fuck.

”not everything has to be fleeting. some feelings are deep.”

“turn around” ????? the new “is it better to speak or to die” i think. 

i have never felt more alone in my fucking life. i cried like a bitch during those last few minutes and straight thru the credits. fuck. i have never felt so much love watching two ppl fall in love w each other?????? what the fuck???? CAN Y’ALL IMAGINE BEING IN LOVE. CAN Y’ALL IMAGINE. i’m literally heloise like lmfao literally cannot imagine it but WLD LIKE TO FEEL IT SOMEDAY. WLD LOVE TO FUCKING FEEL IT. 

anyway. that’s all i have to say. i luv love. i luv beautiful french women. i luv this film. god. i love it. gna get #28 tattooed on my forehead now. thanks. 

“i found the liberty you spoke of in solitude. but i also felt absence.”

“it takes two to be funny.”

ps: before anyone else says it, noémie merlant looks like the lovechild of camila mendes and emma watson. w a dash of emma roberts and daisy ridley. yt girls amirite??

pss: similar to what i said for Les Amants du Pont-Neuf, if my future bf doesn’t let me drink water by putting it in his mouth first before kissing me, then i don’t want him!!! 😤

****psss:****barely going to be watching anything this fest since i’m volunteering for it. how ironic. rip. 

****pssss: ****if i do get to see more films at afi fest, it’d feel like me making up for all the films i missed at cannes this year. which, speaking of, i’d like to see Les Miserables (2019) make me feel all the emotions Portrait did. how the fuck is this not france’s oscar entry. fuck. what the fuck.

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