Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

“and awaaay weeee goooooooooo.”

brad pitt, i am 22 years old. 22. i have three forms of id i can show u to prove it. plz. plz. let me succ. plz. oh my god. i feel like dying. 

70mm at the cinerama dome. now at the top of my list for most accurate portrayal of los angeles, which i knew it would be bc of westwood village and the arclight, but they DEADASS showed TWO of my apartments onscreen LMAO.

brad pitt is stellar and cliff booth is officially my new favorite character of his since Burn After Reading. that’s it that’s all i have to say. 

we all know the flaws so i’m not gonna say it. i loved this anyway. weird ass unnecessary feet shots and all. 

“i’m a fucking miserable drunk.”

^ also this is tagged as a film about me solely bc of leo’s trailer breakdown. that’s me every day of my life. when he told that girl she’ll understand what it’s like to be miserable in 15 yrs????? in 15 years she’ll be 23 so i mean ,,,,, he was right. 

“i burnt her ass to a crisp.”

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