Certain Women

Certain Women ★★★★★

I have a great challenge ahead of me. I’ve been tasked to review a motion picture called Certain Women. It is a challenge because I must do its poetry justice without peddling the same writerly clichés about what’ll make it “zing” with art-house audiences and critics. It’s clear that it will become a canonical film: watched over and over again, studied at school, pored over for its tough-and-total understanding of drab folk in a drab world. It requires work from the viewer, as should any challenging work of art. Certainly it will make top-10 lists — but what the hell will that matter in 10, five, even two years from now? What makes Certain Women stand out from its equally admirable American indie brethren?

I try to get to the bottom of this in my newest piece. Read on!

NOTE April 2020: Read this instead: letterboxd.com/cvall96/film/certain-women/5/

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