Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

I almost have no words. Except I do! But almost don’t.

I prefer to go into movies knowing nothing, and I’m so glad that was able to be the case for my viewing of EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. I did know it was a sci-fi, and that someone recommended I see it in theaters, so I drove myself to The Americana herself, met up with my friend Nick who just moved to Los Angeles on Friday, and plopped down in seat F9 (a seat I chose specifically because it has the rails in front of it and I could put my feet up).

Gotta say, I didn’t expect it to be half-comedy?! I was very surprised by that, and initially sort of turned off by it because I really wanted (and expected) heavy sci-fi and because some of it just wasn’t my taste… but it wore on me, and I did laugh many times! It certainly worked.

I found the entire thing so impressive. I love to be impressed. Rarely happens. I just still don’t know how they pulled off a feat like this, so perfectly, so originally, everything working together in harmony. It was astounding. I’d see it many more times.

The MUSIC!!!! It was so good! It didn’t stand out and I don’t mean that in a negative way, I mean it was so good and such wonderful scoring that it helped move the piece along and was just…. PERFECT! I loved The Matrix nod. Loved it.

Jamie Lee Curtis?! Put her in everything!!!!!!!

I hope all the actors win every award and the Daniels win every award and I hope scoring is not overlooked and wins every award.


Before seeing the movie, I texted my friend Nick the hot AMC Americana tip: to park at Target and walk over for free. This becomes relevant soon. So after the movie, Nick had two very interesting encounters that I got to witness (please recall that he moved here two days ago) and ran into two different people he knew, one of whom currently LIVES in Chicago (he and I both lived there at separate times in our lives) and she just happened to be in Los Angeles. It was funny seeing him both process the movie we just saw, then simultaneously having to process two run ins with people he knew in Los Angeles, two days into living here, just moments after the credits rolled. We walked through the crowded Americana, waited to cross the street over to The Galleria and heard two lovely cellists playing, then arrived in the parking garage. We were walking towards our respective cars when we met a stranger whose cart got stuck because of the weird invisible cart stopping lines. I offered to help her carry her groceries to her car, so Nick and I did that. She was very sweet. Right after we were done helping, Nick said, “Going to Heaven!!” and I laughed very hard. All of this to say… I just found it all interesting after seeing a film about choices and alternative life paths. I could have not texted him to park at Target. I also considered walking to the movies today. But, because I slept late today, and because I felt it was nice to share the Target parking trick, we helped someone carry their groceries to their car because her cart got stuck the exact moment that we walked by, after seeing EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE.

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