• Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    Watching this movie reminded me of American Psycho, because I was laughing hysterically but wasn’t sure if I was supposed to. A bizarre coming of age set in the backdrop of Nazi Germany that also makes you examine the adage of nature vs. nurture. Especially when JoJo and Yorki are interacting. Literally everything Yorki said was pure gold.

  • Under Siege

    Under Siege


    I’m sure I’ve seen this movie before as a kid but watching it again, it felt like the first time. I literally didn’t remember the movie. I was surprised how good a movie it was. Maybe because of all the years Seagal has been mocked and impersonated or his notoriety for not being a stand up guy, I felt like I was gonna watch some sort of B movie.

    But there was a great foundation to the story and a…

  • Rambo: Last Blood

    Rambo: Last Blood


    It’s hilarious that Rambo always gets pulled into these situations which seem preventable if he went full Rambo from the beginning. But he gets sucked back in every time Godfather-3-style and racks up a body count like it’s going out of style. Yet Rambo is a true artist of killing and he sure doesn’t lack for creativity. And hats off to the franchise for keeping these films short and sweet.

  • Red Dawn

    Red Dawn


    Strangely relevant. Being that I hadn’t seen this in awhile, I was almost more captivated with the current world events, surmising that this could be an actual eventuality. Yet, it’s still a brat pack movie with some of that loveable 80’s cheese. Definitely an 80’s movie treasure.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    I love Batman and I love how there can be many versions of him because his character is always rooted in the same principal of Justice and Vengeance. This was a good stand alone film and very much heavy on the detective/intellectual side or Batman. Which having the Riddler obviously helped bring that out. None of the portrayals stood out to me as setting themselves apart unlike previous films (i.e. Jack Nicholson as Joker, Tom Hardy as Bane). But they were still good in their own right. Definitely the best Batman iteration since the Dark Knight Rises.

  • Jackass Forever

    Jackass Forever


    Just good clean dirty fun. And strangely cathartic.

  • Shimmer Lake

    Shimmer Lake


    Very interesting cast. Though the story works backwards, it was difficult to pick on characters motivations which is what kept me engaged. Even in the mid-point, I wasn’t sure if certain characters were gonna end up having bigger roles or not. And the ending did surprise me, or beginning, oddly enough. Short. Sweet. Satisfying.

  • My Own Private Idaho

    My Own Private Idaho


    I always enjoy a movie that has its own identity and is unique onto itself. Colorful characters. Vibrant world. Though the storyline wanders in the second half, as do the main characters with a somewhat un-climactic climax to the story’s arc. And nice to see Flea support his buddy River in this movie.

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife


    The story seemed to crawl after the prologue. I think I’d rather not have the prologue and had more of Paul Rudd and the kids investigating the disturbance and exploring the house together and learning what happened to Egon that way. Rudd and the kids had great chemistry. The legacy characters should have had a bigger part because it seemed like there was more story or interesting backstory just with Ernie Hudson and Dan Akyrod. Loved the ending and overall…

  • The Birds

    The Birds


    The last time I watched this was probably 20-plus years ago with my grandmother. And even then I don’t even remember it at all. So watching it again felt like I was watching it for the first time. And one thing that stood out immediately was the great character development. Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor’s characters were very complex, layered and seemed to unfold slow yet naturally. I almost forgot I was watching a movie about Birds attacking, rather a…

  • Cherry



    This movie was about 45 minutes too long. Especially with the ethereal vibe, it seemed like it just dragged on. And though the movie took creative liberties translating the book to movie, it didn’t make a huge deviations that normally happen. Loved the book. The movie just didn’t capture the frantic life as well as I wanted, especially after the main character’s return from war. Great acting all around.

  • Stranger Than Fiction

    Stranger Than Fiction


    What I love the most is the fact that the premise is completely absurd yet Dustin Hoffman’s character just rolls with it. Even when Will Ferrell’s character initially gets help, he’s told he’s insane and needs medication. Then as the story continues, everyone just rolls with it as well. And Will Ferrell plays the straight man very well. Which at the time he made this, he was mostly doing slap stick comedy.