Tombstone ★★★★

I really love this movie. Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell absolutely kill it. Not to mention, all of the other great actors that supplement this cowboy western lore. And it's not so much the typical cowboy stuff that I enjoyed about the movie, but the interactions between Wyatt, Virgil, Morgan and especially Doc which had me hooked.

The movie dives into and explores the Wyatt Earp mythology, taking historical events and hashing out certain, more entertaining, versions for the viewer. Many accounts of these events are disputed, or specific elements are, but the fact that these versions could have or may have actually happened give you a sense of thrill or wonder about the frontier.

My only gripe are the fighting montages at towards the end of the movie, as I generally can't stand them. Which is just my own personal thing.

Definitely a must see movie.

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