Lightyear ★★½

It’s no doubt cute and funny and harmless but I still have plenty of problems with it.

When are people going to notice the formula? The most basic screenplay with some stupid underdog team, a hero, and a big eyed cute lovable and funny minion type character. It most certainly works, I mean, many of you enjoyed the hell out of this.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s entertaining and I didn’t feel my time was wasted, I guess I’m just sick of seeing the same thing over and over.

For one the plot has tons of issues. Ill pick one. The whole “we’re not going to go back in time and embark on this mission because I’ll be killing my new friends” is so weird to me. Realistically you can’t mourn someone who doesn’t exist. I mean, go ahead and try it. Philosophically it doesn’t work. Buzz values this random granddaughter more than her grandmother, a true friend he had and I didn’t feel the movie made her anything more to us or Buzz than a bumbling idiot.
Whatever, it’s a kids movie you’d say. And you’re right, it is, I’ll move on.

This movie is more deserving of a 3 probably but it’s generic structure and poor characters and plot holes kind of piss me off so I’m docking half a star.

Just stick with Toy Story.

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