Romance Is a Bonus Book

Romance Is a Bonus Book ★★★★★

To this k-drama I binged for the entire 16 hours long that it is: the moon is beautiful.
As a young adult struggling with having a personal life while also trying to get a good job, this drama was a huge comfort and a great source of catharsis. I felt so inspired, as well as comforted, while watching. Im only in my mid-twenties but its been over a year since i graduated college and i have yet to get a stable job so watching this show about a homeless, divorced, single mother in her 30s getting back into society and bettering herself, it truly inspired me.
I would occasionally look out my window and think about going out and exploring my city and reading a book and bettering myself. That is how much this drama made me feel.
To those who are also struggling in a way these characters were, we'll get through this. We'll keep going. Today is a new day, tomorrow is a new beginning, and we are good enough.
I feel kind of lame writing a review like this on Letterboxd, but I also feel like I can conquer anything. And i really like this feeling. Here's to great art that makes us feel this way. 🍻

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