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This review may contain spoilers.

ill try not to spoil anything major but i really think you should go into it knowing absolutely nothing which includes everything in this review, youve been twice warned 

i hate when no one else in the theatre is laughing and i have to stifle my own but keke palmer killed it lmfaooo. her and daniel kaluuya play off eachother so well, their sibling dynamic had me crying. peele is so kind for following up all the terrifying shit with a laugh to release tension + depressurize our systems. (sidenote: i wouldnt recommend anyone else see it immediately after therapy; i wasnt emotionally ready to take in the traumatic flashbacks, screams of suffering, or going INSIDE the ufo. for some reason that part was too much for me lol, my heart was all open and vulnerable and shit – but we live and we learn.) there’s this satisfying aural + tactile appeal to hand cranks that gave me goosebumps thru out. im not the first and wont be the last to say the sound design – of clouds in particular, and the world building inherent to that – was phenomenal. when the credits rolled i was like finally, someone being freaking creative for once!!!!!!!!! anyway coolest scariest alien movie ive seen in a minute

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