Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy ★★★★½

I dig these, I love this kind of film, those long deep conversations about life, love, sex, pain, friendship, whatever, everything. Just between two people talking about them truthfully to each other without an objective or a second thought of anything after that moment, that feels magical. Nothing can acquire the pleasure you reap within those conversations. Hamaguchi created that magic throughout the film and it never felt off even for a second. The peace and calmness we find in those moments are heavenly.

Moving into the film I have thought a lot about its title. It was fascinating, atleast for me. I was perplexed about what it's meant and hectic about the film especially with such a kind of title. Don't know why, l just loved that expression "wheel of fortune and fantasy", felt so profound and meaningful and the film depicts that in such a great way, I'm amused. We all have our dreams or fantasies and with a bit of luck or fortune, sometimes we reach them. But that doesn't work the same for everyone, sometimes it takes people to the end they might have dreamed of or maybe closer to it or perhaps the other way around. These are moments we cherish in our life. Hamaguchi presented them excellently and couldn't have been better and I heartily admire it. Can't believe he made drive my car and this in a single year and completely aced it. A year to remember.

Also, I think I love it more than 'Drive my car'....

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