Inside ★★★★½

Absolutely brilliant flick. I loved this one so much. It’s got some of the most amazing gore I’ve seen in a film, and is also truly one of the most shocking experiences. The score captures the tone so well. This is such a dark flick, and so brutal. 

I’m a huge fan of sheers in horror. US is an absolute all-time favorite, and I think Peele borrowed some of this imagery for his own film. I was wincing so often during the violent sections in this film, which are aplenty. I was so engrossed all the way through. 

The makeup and effects are incredible. I loved the mix of practical with CGI, and thought the CGI is so evoking of empathy when present. I really felt for the main characters in this one here, and overall everyone feels human. 

I think it’s one of the my favorite horror movies just based off this one viewing. It’s not some ragtag “fun time”. This is some seriously brutal subject matter. And it’s an insanely well made film. 4.5/5

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