Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★½

Lots of....interesting choices in this film. Probably would have benefited from another 30 minutes, because the last hour or so felt like one weird rushed decision after another.

I mean, it's hard to really dislike the movie. It's serviceable entertainment for sure, but I'll probably forget about it within the week. For a film that aims with such epic proportions, this really isn't a good sign. But again, visually it's the quite the treat, and at least John C. Reilly seems like he's having a fun time.

Probably my biggest issue with this rushed and ridiculous plot is how bland all its characters are. I didn't care about any of them. Hiddleston played "Basic Male Protagonist #1" and Larson just felt randomly tacked on. Even John C. Reilly didn't impress me much. Samuel L. Jackson had his moments, but by the end his arc lost its subtlety and became just as cartoony as the rest of the film.

Speaking of a lack of subtlety, I'm not a fan of the Kong reveal. Much preferred the way 2014's Godzilla handled this.

So yeah, wouldn't exactly suggest Kong: Skull Island to anyone looking for a clear and sensible film to watch, but hey, it's pretty fun, so there's that.

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