Christopher Schneider

Cinematographer obsessed with 80s anamorphics, exemplary projection and 70mm prints of The Right Stuff.

Favorite films

  • The Graduate
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Beautiful Girls
  • As Tears Go By

Recent activity

  • Thor: Love and Thunder


  • Fall


  • Flashdance


  • Men


Recent reviews

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder

    This movie is all over the place. For the first hour or really reeks of people desperately trying to compensate for being in a position to just do the bare minimum and hope that the Marvel tide takes care of the rest. The MCU actually feels like it's out of steam and in trouble. After Eternals, Dr Strange 2 and this it's as if the wheels have come off and they're just careening around guessing at how to stear this…

  • Fall


    As someone who is terrified of heights this was highly effective contained horror. I was petrified the whole movie. Biggest complaint, the twist is obvious from the get go and the movie is too long. Cut 30 minute from this. Keep it tight and it's more effective. The opening Cliffhanger-esque scene is marred by being able to see the obvious green screen reflections in the actor's skin. A little more budget in this opening would've helped the movie a bit.

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