The Father

The Father ★★★★

The Father is such a heartbreaking movie from the moment it starts and it ends. A Movie that shows how hard and sad can be the life of a person with Dementia, and also a movie about a bittersweet relationship of a father and daughter. Anthony Hopkins knocks it out of the park with such a sad and devastating performance that deserves all the praise of the world, 83 years old and he is still a top tier actor, definitely the best performance out of the 5 nominees for the best actor race. Olivia Colman is also great as Anne, but sometimes she’s overshadowed by Hopkins (he’s on another level), but still a pretty great performance. Also to point out the pretty good cinematography and the score is really good as well. For sure one of the best out of the nominees for best picture year, worthy of all the praise its having.

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