The Shop Around the Corner

a persons whole world could exist on that street. feathery offbeat rom-com w/ snippets of commentary on what i remember wikipedia calling something like "toxic workplace theory" like it never heard of the instability inherent in capitalism. "zipper your mouth m' boy they earned that thar profit margin!" - yelped through someone popping up from behind a wall's chapped Kiwi stained lips. jk wiki is alright

for a bit it seemed like jimmy was about to walk out of the picture after being sacked with none of the characters overly losing their shit in a big ott wet-faced cinematic splurge. the "meet-cute" is deconstructed, drawn out & assembled around other stuff and the gulf between professional & personal persona is prodded about like a kid with an ants nest. seems like the director is making the locality of everything the real star - romantic for society's best/most interesting/most human bits.

- i've seen this before but i didn't log it for some reason
- when margaret sullavan smiles i want to hug her face