The Muppet Christmas Carol

I don't know if it's the effect of reheated cottage pie & black coffee at 8am (wrote this earlier) after intensely editing a video essay of The Fog or if it's just the discovery of Beaker + the general wholesome gagscape - but this is everything i wanted it to be when i used to see clips of it on previews for Disney VHS tapes. It is SO WARM. I don't know if this minced beef is fully reheated through, but my soul definitely is. Idk maybe it's the salmonella.

Rushdie & Fitzgerald aside I like the visual of ghost chains. Like whatever that dude does, that clinking will get to him & won't be remedied via a ferocious palm or good ol' door padlocking aimed their way. It's gotta be through extending a palm in other areas - & not in a gross way. Unless he meets someone nice and they share some intimacy in a non-problematic way, then totally in a gross way if they want, i don't care. I mean, keep warm together - look how fucking cold it is - just, you know, still don't let the little chap snuff it is all. Positive freedom yo. You see the same sort of thing in cheesy Channel 5 afternoon Christmas films where the whole deal is that someone at the top of a corporation is the benevolent one, or that the top prize for our leading character is that they get a job as an executive or something - doesn't really translate in the same way.