From a Whisper to a Scream

From a Whisper to a Scream ★★★½

I dug this horror anthology. Each story was unique and very entertaining. The wraparound was even okay and that's a rarity for an anthology film.

The first segment is about a lonely man in search of a little pootie tang. He takes care of his annoying sister too. This guy is on the brink of madness and anything could make him snap. This segment was fun. Gulager was great and the ending was full on nutso! Number 2 is about a white trash loser being selfish. Bernie Lomax is shot by some gangsters and is rescued by an old voodoo dude. Unfortunately, white trash Bernie finds out the voodoo guy has the secret for prolonged life. Let's just say it doesn't end too well. The third tale is about a glass eater at a carnival that falls in love. AWWWWW! Too bad the owner of the carnival has magical powers and doesn't like it when workers try to leave. I thought this one was the worst. Our last entry is about Cameron Mitchell and his civil war buddies crashing a kids-only party at a town with zero adults. It's like a period Children of the Corn on PCP. Great entry!

Overall I really enjoyed it! It's definitely one of the better horror anthologies of the late 80's.