Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★½

Grade: 29%
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Thunder Force was set up to fail right from the beginning as Ben Falcone was behind the camera and his collaborations with his wife, Melissa McCarthy, have not been good, to say the least. This is unfortunately on the lesser end of their collaborations, which says a lot because I don’t consider any of them good. Melissa McCarthy has not been on a good comedy in a long time and this did not break the streak, there’s talent involved but they’re all wasted. The premise could’ve been interesting but they do nothing with it, I honestly just found myself pretty bored throughout this movie which is probably the worst thing you could be while watching a movie. Jason Bateman was my favourite part about this, he’s just always great to see and considering he has crab hands he provides some of the most entertaining scenes. This is just a generally dull and unfunny experience and Ben Falcone needs to be stopped, McCarthy is better than these films they make together. Thunder Force has a couple chuckles, it’s not unwatchable but it’s also pretty bad and it’s the worst thing I’ve seen so far this year.

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