The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan ★★★

Grade: 64%
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The One and Only Ivan is another Disney film originally intended for theatres that got pushed to their streaming service instead, it follows the story of a silverback gorilla named Ivan who performs at a mall in a show and his discovery of art as well as his need to be free. As far as Disney+ originals, this is in the upper echelon if them, it’s nothing more than a pretty good, heartwarming story for children and families to enjoy. I was surprised as the relevant undertones and what it almost said about animal captivity, considering it’s a Disney film it barely touches on these subjects but I was surprised it was touched on nonetheless. The voice cast is all stellar from Sam Rockwell as Ivan to the supporting cast of characters, everyone does a good job, especially Danny DeVito who steals the show as a stray dog. There’s not a ton to say about it though, its decent and it will likely satisfy the target audience but it’s not a movie that adults will dislike either. The story is fine enough, I enjoyed the part where Ivan discovers his hidden talent and the emotional beats involving two elephants hit pretty hard too. In the end, The One and Only Ivan won’t be something I remember all that much, it was a fine enough movie as I was watching it but it won’t stick with me longer than a week, not bad but not great either.

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