Pig ★★★★

Grade: 82%
2021 RankedHERE

When the first trailer came out and I read the plot summary I expected it to be just another ridiculous Nicolas Cage film, so suffice to say I was shocked when this started getting great reviews across the board. Pig deserves the high acclaim because although it’s a very quiet, slow-paced film, it is very good all around. It seems like people forget that Cage is an immensely talented actor and this might be his best work in the past decade or so, it’s a reserved performance when it needs to be but he is also able to convey the emotion necessary with his character arc. Alex Wolff also does his part supporting Cage’s lead extremely well, the film as a whole is far deeper than I was anticipating and both of these actors are very convincing with the more emotional moments. It’s not a usual revenge movie, I went in knowing it wasn’t though so I was prepared for a slower burn and it did not disappoint me at all. It’s a very simple story that has some intensity at the right times but the way it studies the human aspect of Cage, and Wolff for that matter, is where it shines most. Pig was a very nice surprise, I was shocked that it was so good after assuming it wouldn’t be anything special but it’s extremely solid, I’ll be interested to see what director Michael Sarnoski does in the future after this fantastic debut.

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