It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two ★★★★

Grade: 81%
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It Chapter Two is the much anticipated follow-up to 2017’s It, it was one of the movies I was most looking forward to this year and I was worried going in based on mostly mixed reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel. I don’t believe it’s as good as Chapter One but this time around it was a completely different experience for me. It ditches most of the coming of age nature of the first one in favour of the adults coming back together to face a demon from their past, and it mostly worked well for me. The acting is fantastic from the entire Loser’s Club, especially Bill Hader who was the main standout as Richie, he was a great comedic relief but also forced his serious acting chops when he had to. The movie is definitely long, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s overlong but it feels like a three hour movie. It drags on at some points and can feel like a lot could’ve been cut but as I’m thinking back now, the slow pace was almost needed for the story being told. A couple decisions characters made  I didn’t love, it sometimes falls into classic horror movies cliches of characters doing dumb things but that’s mainly a minor nitpick. The main horror element is Pennywise, who creeps me out and I wish they used more of him instead of other visions he gave the main cast. Most of the CGI was good but some of it gave me pause, it wasn’t anything too bad though. The main thing I loved about It Chapter Two was the continuation of the relationships between our main club, there are fantastic character moments and it’s what really put everything together by the end. It’s a really great movie, not as good as it’s predecessor, but I still really enjoyed it.

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