Casablanca ★★★★½

Grade: 89%
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Casablanca is among the truest classics in cinema and has always been one that I felt like I had to watch at some point just because of its iconic status and how highly it’s held in film circles. I sometimes worry going into these kinds of films because they cannot possibly live up to my lofty expectations but for the most part Casablanca impressed me. It’s not among the all-time best movies for me personally but I certainly understand why it’s legacy is cemented as one on the most important films ever made. The sheer amount of iconic quotes present in this film is unrivaled and the story itself is also solid. I think it’s the first film I’ve seen with Humphrey Bogart or Ingmar Bergman so it’s nice to finally be able to associate their quintessential names with a role, and both are superb in their roles as well. Casablanca is a great film, I can’t say anything about it that hasn’t already been said, it’s not perfect in my eyes but it deserves the praise.

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