The Room

The Room ★★★★½

Immortal and inimitable. I watched just 10 minutes and sure enough, I noticed whole new layers of audacious badness that I’d never caught before in all these years. (The window lighting in the flower shop scene! The number of cuts in the sex scenes - and how bad they are!!)

I’ve said it before, but the hilarity here comes from every technical aspect of the film being overproduced to the point of appearing professional and industry-standard, whilst coupled with a level of actual artistic mastery one would associate with the average middle school film class project. Could be millions of 14-year-old boys today smarting from romantic rejection are only a multimillion dollar budget and unquestioned creative control away from producing Rooms of their own… but few except Tommy Wiseau will actually be that boy while independently wealthy at age 40(???), nor have his absolute confidence in his own incompetence. What else can you call that but genius?

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