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Films To Fall Asleep To | Criterion Channel

"I prefer the films that put their audience to sleep in the theater. I think those films are kind enough to allow you a nice nap and not leave you disturbed when you leave the theater. Some films have made me doze off in the theater, but the same films have made me stay up at night, wake up thinking about them in the morning, and keep on thinking about them for weeks. Those are the kinds of films I like." — Abbas Kiarostami, 1997.

Here are some films streaming on The Criterion Channel that will allow you a nice nap.

Last updated: June 8, 2021

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  • Paris, Texas
  • Taste of Cherry
  • Solaris
  • Days of Heaven
  • News from Home
  • Sans Soleil
  • The Royal Road
  • The Double Life of Véronique
  • An Autumn Afternoon
  • Uncle Yanco
  • Yi Yi
  • The Green Ray
  • Wings of Desire
  • For All Mankind
  • Antonio Gaudí
  • Stalker
  • Satantango
  • Old Joy
  • 24 Frames
  • Tokyo Story
  • Late Spring
  • L'Avventura
  • The Inland Sea
  • In the Mood for Love