Halloween ★★★★½

“It was the Boogeyman.

As a matter of fact it was.”

This definitely holds up. JLC really is the ultimate final girl and she’s so damn good here. There is also just some fucking INCREDIBLE shots throughout this movie, especially all the scenes of Myers just staring in the background. Not to mention the final shot of him just completely gone. 

Having watched both Zombie movies and this within a 24 hour period I have some thoughts. 

As you saw, I really disliked the Zombie remake, but loved his sequel. HOT TAKE INCOMING: I also enjoyed that just a tad bit more than this for a few reasons. 

I have one GIANT pet peeve in this movie that I can’t over look and that’s the fact that Myers fucking drives a car multiple times. There’s no fucking way he ever would’ve learned at any point and it’s just a bit baffling. 

However once again, I’m glad this movie didn’t give us any sort of backstory whatsoever. There’s one scene of him as a kid and that’s it. Zombie’s 40 minute long backstory was annoying as shit. So yeah there’s my two cents.

Spooktember 37/30

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