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This review may contain spoilers.

*tongue click*


Well, I wish I had liked this more. I tried very hard to avoid reading anything about Hereditary before going in, but I couldn't avoid all of the tweets talking about how scary it was.

So no, this is not the scariest movie I've seen in years, nor is it the best horror movie to be released in years. I think it's a bit overhyped.

But overall I think I did like it? I have some serious reservations about the direction it went in at the end, but it was...good.

To my surprise and delight, Alex Wolff had a much bigger role than I expected, and was great. And Toni Collette was amazing (really, give her a nomination).

I really, really liked the scene transitions, along with the camera work that framed the rooms in each scene so they themselves looked like part of the doll (model?) house.

But thirty minutes of reflection later:
I just did not like the third act. Not the imagery or the creepiness, that shit was sick. But the way it ties the whole movie together.

It was The Witch (which I did not like) + Rosemary's Baby. All that buildup, all that amazing family tension ends up in that? Some pretty straightforward occult stuff? (I had guessed something like that was going to happen since the first shot of the grandma's necklace, but I really hoped that was just gonna be to mislead the audience.)

And as much as the trailer and opening scene and title made Hereditary seem like it was gonna be about the family's relationship to the grandma, it really wasn't. Which looking back at it threw me off.

Idk, the ending just reminded me way too much of The Witch. Not quite sure what to rate and rank or what to do with this.

Side note: I'm glad a lot of people like Hereditary, and that horror is gaining more respect recently - A24 is a big part of that. Personally, though, I'm not the biggest fan of The Witch, It Comes at Night, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, and Killing of a Sacred Deer. I hoped I would like Hereditary more than these, which I did. But it still wasn't all the way there for me.

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