The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

Y'know, it's weird how a film can compel you to ride nearly three miles on bike in the heat just to see it at the nearest theatre, and that was such an occasion that happened with me when I rode down to see Robert Eggers' latest effort, The Northman, and oh my God, was both that ride and the price of admission worth nearly getting a heat stroke for. Eggers' knack to immerse us in the gritty, harsh Age of Vikings is a testament to his unparalleled talent of immersing us deeply in the worlds of unfamiliar, historical times. Despite its billing as a blockbuster, Eggers' first mainstream flick is more the antithesis of a blockbuster, prioritizing mood, atmosphere and its unflinching barbarism over the simplicity of Hollywood thrills and your average Marvel film, where sorcerers, jesters, howling barbarians and a ripped-as-fuck Alexander Skarsgard viciously infect the screen -- and our attention -- with a hypnotic form of adrenaline, immersing us yet never taking our eyes away from such brutality. Although not as crazy and scary on the same visceral level as his previous films, this latest offering still doesn't falter in verifying the essence of why we need more filmmakers with a kind of talent like Eggers: he doesn't intend to entertain the masses with his films as much as he intends to immerse us in them while also still giving us a lot to savor and dissect once the screen fades to black, and there's a fuck load to savor and dissect indeed. One helluva filmmaker, indeed.

Now, that I got that out of the way by writing this in the theatre on my phone right after it, I'll now have to ride those same three miles once more, on bike, back home, in the heat.... shit.

EDIT: I just got back home and I'm still alive

EDIT 2: Been a day since I've seen it and I'm still okay :)

EDIT 3: It's been nearly a whole month since I seen it and I'm STILL KICKING MAN.

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