Before Sunrise ★★★★★

Absolutely insane the influence this movie has had on me. "Moments in time" are a concept I'm basically obsessed with and I have to wonder if Linklater just warped my mind as an impressionable young film student.
Tarantino talked about how he was glad he was a virgin when he wrote True Romance because the love story is written like fantasy and he never would have been able to capture Clarence and Alabama's relationship if his mind had been clouded by real love instead of cinematic love.
Before Sunrise is the opposite. Linklater based the film upon a real one-night stand he had six years prior and used his love and longing for it to create cinema that feels real.
The body language in this movie is incredible. No matter your past or your own relationships, everyone can see themselves in this film.
You can feel yourself in the motion of Jesse brushing his fingers Céline's hair after falling for her or simply in the way Céline first looks at him on the train when she has already made up her mind.
One of the rare movies that makes cinema feel so real that you find yourself living the film itself long after you watched it.
Linklater, feel free to sue me for half the creative projects I've made. At this rate, I'm going to start digitally inserting 90's Ethan Hawke in.
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