How I Letterboxd: Justin LaLiberty

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Programmer and Vinegar Syndrome archivist Justin LaLiberty talks to Jack Moulton about erotic cinema, getting anal about film restoration and aspect ratios, and his love for Last Action Hero.

“The smallest screen I can handle is my fifteen-inch laptop and even that is hard for me. I just want to watch everything in the proper aspect ratio and on the best quality I can manage to get.” —Justin La Liberty

Having logged more than 10,000 films since joining in March 2012, it is safe to say that Justin LaLiberty is a meticulous Letterboxd member. He is a film programmer and archivist working at acclaimed film restoration and distribution company Vinegar Syndrome, is also somewhat of a legendary list maker, with more than 150 regularly-updated inventories under topics ranging from “pre-Giuliani dirty old New York” to “male frontal nudity” to films of the LA Rebellion and this essential list of more than 1,700 movies directed by Black American filmmakers.

Then there are the many, many lists of erotic, horny, and kink films that LaLiberty has artfully curated into highly specific sub-topics. And, newsflash, he will soon be helping to bring more films to more lists, with the creation of an “adult film taskforce” to bring overlooked and forgotten hardcore art films to Letterboxd.

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