A Hard Stare at Paddington 3

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Studiocanal representatives have confirmed that a new Paddington film is in the works (”active development” is the term, as reported by Variety). To say we’re tickled the brightest shade of shrimp is an understatement. Michael Bond’s bear has a firm place in Letterboxd hearts: Paddington 2 was the second highest rated action/adventure film and third highest rated comedy of the 2010s.

But the question on many minds is: after Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, which baddie will be the next to get the hard stare? Our money is on a certain Spaniard, based solely on our previous interview with Paddington and Paddington 2 director and co-writer Paul King, who told us: ”I’d love Javier Bardem to come up against the bear”.

The interview is well worth a re-read, as King also discusses the place of fart jokes in Paddington films, the ”pompous” movies his family made him watch as a child, and the challenges of creating dramatic stakes for characters as kind and good-natured as Paddington. Although King is not pegged to direct the third instalment, he's reported to be very much involved. Roll on marmalade season.