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How I Letterboxd: Erika Amaral

Film sociologist Erika Amaral on the blossoming of Brazil’s women filmmakers, the joys of queuing for the movies, the on-fire Brazilian Letterboxd community, and the sentimental attachment of her entire nation to A Dog’s Will.

How I Letterboxd: Joe Lynch

Self-described cinedork and Mayhem filmmaker Joe Lynch tells Horrorville’s Brett Petersel about cinematic sausage, getting to direct Creepshow episodes and being a three-star starter on Letterboxd.

After Agnès: Ten French Filmmakers to Watch in 2021

It’s not every day that a grass-roots fandom inspires a Letterboxd Easter egg, but the love for Portrait of a Lady on Fire was so strong that those flames are here to stay. With a new Céline Sciamma fairytale on the horizon, we invited #PortraitNation founder Sarah Williams to highlight ten femmes de cinéma with new works due out this year, and suggest films from their back catalogs to watch now.

How I Letterboxd: Justin LaLiberty

Programmer and Vinegar Syndrome archivist Justin LaLiberty talks to Jack Moulton about erotic cinema, getting anal about film restoration and aspect ratios, and his love for Last Action Hero.

A Hard Stare at Paddington 3

Studiocanal representatives have confirmed that a new Paddington film is in the works (”active development” is the term, as reported by Variety). To say we’re tickled the brightest shade of shrimp is an understatement. Michael Bond’s bear has a firm place in Letterboxd hearts: Paddington 2 was the second highest rated action/adventure film and third highest rated comedy of the 2010s.