The Railrodder

The Railrodder ★★★

An affable return to the man's greatest works, Gerald Potterton's 'The Railrodder' is a joyous experience, even if it's not always groundbreaking. It works as a delightful homage to the silent film era and all the greatness that came with it while also serving as Keaton's final silent film, despite being filmed at his old age in 1965. Playing the titular character, Keaton sees himself on a silent, solo journey across Canada, one inexplicably fast-paced and casually handled as his rail maintenance vehicle takes him across vast landscapes and offers him a spot to do laundry, make breakfast, and even break out a map for gag offerings. It's such a heartfelt short, one that's a beautiful reunion between a legendary performer and the era that made him so profoundly iconic.

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