Horse Girl

Horse Girl ★★★

"It's the truth."

It's not often that a film can make me feel so uncomfortable while simultaneously playing out so ambiguously and 'Horse Girl,' starring Alison Brie in a wild and committed performance, nails that feeling. The score is tense and skittish, the scenes are filled with so much awkward tension and I love how there's so much sprinkled evidence to support the two main theories regarding the ending. It's an experience that makes no sense while making perfect sense, depending on how you take the film as a whole, and it really ramps up the oddities and bizarre hallucinations in the final act. I certainly found myself going back and forth on these ending possibilities even after the credits rolled.

Sadly, there are several moments and character relations that aren't well explained or hinted at to the point that I was feeling a bit confused, but thankfully most of these bits are minor and not pivotal alongside the major happenings. I think it could've gone a bit deeper into some of the themes but I can't stress enough how fantastic the ambiguity is and how rich and dedicated Brie's performance is. It's unlike anything I've seen her do before and she really does elevate this film beyond something forgettable. The rest of the supporting cast was unique and solid enough, and I especially enjoyed seeing Molly Shannon still bring it after all these years. Worth a viewing, for sure, but so insanely bizarre that I don't think I'll ever find myself returning for a rewatch.

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