Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

"Are you cussing with me?"

Rewatch Review: My favorite stop motion film ever and one of my favorites of Wes Anderson's, regardless of where it lands in the ranking, 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' is an endearing and funny look at the life of some wild animals as they connect, form friendships and family, and deal with their own grudges and misgivings. Even without being a live action film, it still retains that Anderson glamour and musicality and is consistently entertaining and warm, cheerful and colorful. It's adventurous, good-natured and so easily rewatchable to me.

Wes Anderson Ranking:

1. The Royal Tenenbaums
2. Rushmore
3. Bottle Rocket
4. Fantastic Mr. Fox
5. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

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