Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★

"That's some good shit, huh?"
"It's a fucking cigarette."

Rewatch Review: Trippy, emotional and way better with a second viewing, Richard Kelly's psychological thriller 'Donnie Darko' gets you thinking forwards and backwards, as you try to make sense of alternate realities and timelines, a mysterious man clad in a bunny costume named Frank, and the lasting impacts and impressions we leave on those around us.

From early in his career, Jake Gyllenhaal was wowing audiences with his talents, and that's entirely on display here, as he grapples with the science fiction reality he finds his life growing into, even more so after a near death experience, and attempts to leave something positive behind with the few weeks he might have remaining. Is it beyond his control or is there something more grounded afoot that'll lead him to the answers he seeks?

The film does a brilliant job of making sense of it all, and with a great cast (it's rare you get to hate Patrick Swayze and Holmes Osborne is one of the most lovable dads ever put to screen) and a haunting score (the song that plays during the trip to the movies and later during the closing moments is perfection), it's hard not to become totally engrossed in this experience.

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