Pearl ★★★★

Definitely prefer this to X. Absolutely loved Mia Goth's performance here (especially that one take monologue, WOW). I really enjoyed the story and rarely felt like it dragged. I also feel that this is more subtle than X (I mean, it still points out a couple things, but it doesn't really hinder anything), so I liked being able to figure some of the story out on my own. The opening sequence is an absolutely perfect parallel to the opening of X, starting off in the exact same position, but showing how the farm looked during the 1910's. This film gets really unsettling at times, and it definitely works in its favor. When I went to go watch it, I was the only person in the theater besides two other guys, so it really felt like I was alone and could soak in all of the madness that was happening without people talking and taking me out of the illusion. Great movie.


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